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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Huhu what a relief…my fever just gone, and i’m back with my feet again…actually i got things to do as i’m alone in my office since Annas has off to Klang to accompany his beloved wife that pregnant about 6 or 7 month, and would delivered soon enough, hoping that there were no problem at all, and everything goes smoothly during that time..InsyaAllah…and to this new entries, just an old picture that i’ve taken long time ago…hehe…o.k..enjoy then…:)

kakak with Ayin

kakak with Ayin (berbuka puasa)

me with Wani Ardy Khirriah Kodry

yuyun with eid



  1. alhamdulillah... da sihat kembali..

    ni shoot random2 ke?

  2. Peq Garage : random tu tak la...tapi ni gambar masa job yang lama2 dulu...

  3. huhu beliau da kembali beraksi kembali, da chat la tu,huhu..gudluck bro!

  4. heheh dont worry yang berdiri lurus tak pasti kalah dalam apa jua keadaan..pasti menang dalam semua bidang........

  5. gmbr yg 1st..editing mmg aku ske..simple..n just nice..xyah nk kacokan sgt gmbr..just tarik nafas..
    biarkan otak mengalirkan isyarat ke tgn..n tgn akan mengerakkan dgn alunan yg lembut n perlahan utk mengambil mouse..n hanya pergerakan mouse yg minima...telah memberikan impak yg maksima ke atas aku...luahan ikhlas dr hati aku..aku ske gmbr tuh sgt2..