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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Rain season… i told you all in my last entries…it always raining..raining..raining…and when i watch the news i saw some of the place has been evacuated because of the flood…omg…pity them…hope they all are alright and find a better place to stay with…but back there in my place, there were no flood…but i got a Fever for a change…huhu…o.k in this entries, here i show you some of my new photo editing..not much but i intend to put more…maybe some other time will do…because i got fever…remember? hehe…o.k…enjoy the artwork then…achummmm!!! excuse me…

Azhar (original Photo) azhar (Perubahan Luar Kawalan)

Nabila Shafika (Original Photo)

Nabila Shafika (Menunggu Ia Berhenti)


  1. hua3 bia aku jd owg pertama komen kt blog ko,hua2 tkt aku tgk cik azhar tu, tetiba lak dia mengamalkan ilmu kambing hitam, bru lepas melapah kambing itam la tu, haha..nice hardcore editing bro!

  2. silentshutter : thanks bro!! sangat2 menghargai..yep, makanan favorite en azhar adalah kambing golek..hehe