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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Some of us might not know what is ATOMIC POWER is. Well ATOMIC POWER is a name of a band, rock band to be precise. Rocking circa 80’s-90’s. Were hailed from SABAH. When this band first appeared on tv (muzik-muzik) Me and my big brother always like “waaa check out the name of this band!! Atomic Power!! yeahh!!” at the same time raising our hand making the metal sign \m/. They have start rocking their thing before “Search” did. how cool is that?. But they stay low since they are from SABAH. But everybody in Sabah really put their hand up high for this band. A legend that to be told then. And now, the band lead guitarist, have a daughter name Sheena Rashid. She’s a friend of mine. Never knew who she was until she told me about her dad. And I’m like..”COOL!!” . And now for my new entry, wedding of the daughter of the rocker! Sheena Rashid & Fahimi Nasrudin. Yes. All shots were taken in Sandakan, Sabah. SABAH BHA!. Enjoy then. Smile

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