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The name is Syukht Mohidin a.k.a Syukht Cadillac. A graphic student and now end up as an unemployed kind of people but still charming for the new world that he have to overcome with.In love with art, but still have the lazy ass to deal with so he has figured and find out that PHOTOGRAPHY is his ESCAPISM to show his appreciation in ART. Now he became one of the SOLID MEDIAWORK photographers( all that, this guy need your support as a human being, enjoy his photo then, or should i said, his artwork.Or you can email or add him on YM :

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

::N O T I S::

If you click back to my older post, you can see a review about this band…yeah…the name is NOTIS…putting the The Stone Roses as their main influence…and they are in a process to record their single…self title if I’m not mistaken…click to this link to listen to their song:

Support our Local Indie Band!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


At last!! everything run smoothly…quite busy tho…ermm don’t have much to say about this new entries…but really happy about it…this couples are from Seremban…they’re really sweet…even the sky look so gloomy on that day, but still the wedding go on with full of smile and joyful faces…huhu…so this is some of a few shot that i’ve taken…Farrah & Saiful..Congrates!!



makap DSC_0012 copy

bdak kecik

mekap tudung


sorang plamin tiga


DSC_0112 copy

DSC_0186 copy

DSC_0134 copy

DSC_0180 copy

DSC_0167 copy

DSC_0194 copy DSC_0209 copyDSC_0184 copy

DSC_0218 copy

DSC_0238 copy

DSC_0260 copy

DSC_0256  copy  copy

DSC_0386 copy


DSC_0010 copy DSC_0013 copy

DSC_0054 copy

DSC_0136 copyDSC_0114 copy

DSC_0102 copy

DSC_0158 copy

DSC_0155 copy DSC_0156 copy

DSC_0161 copy

DSC_0172 copy DSC_0170 copy

DSC_0167 copyr

DSC_0173 copy

DSC_0049 copyDSC_0067 copyDSC_0195 copy

DSC_0218 copyr

DSC_0228 copy


DSC_0398 a copy

DSC_0230 copy

DSC_0494 copy

DSC_0533 copy

DSC_0532 copy