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The name is Syukht Mohidin a.k.a Syukht Cadillac. A graphic student and now end up as an unemployed kind of people but still charming for the new world that he have to overcome with.In love with art, but still have the lazy ass to deal with so he has figured and find out that PHOTOGRAPHY is his ESCAPISM to show his appreciation in ART. Now he became one of the SOLID MEDIAWORK photographers( all that, this guy need your support as a human being, enjoy his photo then, or should i said, his artwork.Or you can email or add him on YM :

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


“ We're nothing, and nothing will help us (but GOD)
Maybe we're lying, then you better not stay
But we could be safer, just for one day
We can beat them, just for one day
We can be heroes, just for one day ”

Haha!! while i was a kid…i always find myself in front of my tele and watching cartoons, like a superheroes cartoon such as Superman, Batman or the Japanese Metal Heroes like Space Cop Gaban…and it makes me wonder sometime, how is it like if they could make a superheroes that Hails from Malaysia..and now it really Happened…because we have Cicak Man, Kluang man…yes, i know we still far behind if we want to compare with their (overseas) superheroes…but at least the Idea (Malaysia) was really cool…i reckon if they put some effort, like 200% for it…I'm pretty sure we can make a really kick ass Superheroes…yes…and it was MADE IN MALAYSIA…and for my new entries…i present you the Malaysian Super Heroes, the best Wingman of the KLUANG MAN….this is TIONG MAN!! enjoy..

TIONG MAN umum penanti TIONG MAN umumtangankosong

TIONG MAN serangan tongkat

Monday, September 20, 2010


Oh My God!! its been too long since i haven't making a new entries or upgrading this blog…been really busy my pc has come for its time, time to replace it with the new one…thank god one of my friend just gave me her monitor, that replacing mine, and its not so bad after all because my old monitor got problem with the color thingy…but i still need a new CPU to make it more easier for me to do my editing …o.k…this is for my new entries…a wedding of course…lot of trouble while trying to finished it, its all because of my pc…huhu…but still can get it done…slowly…enjoy then :)

DSC_0073 copy

DSC_0110 copy

DSC_0141 copy

DSC_0195 copy DSC_0350 copy

DSC_0360 copy

farah baizura3

farah baizura2

farah baizura