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The name is Syukht Mohidin a.k.a Syukht Cadillac. A graphic student and now end up as an unemployed kind of people but still charming for the new world that he have to overcome with.In love with art, but still have the lazy ass to deal with so he has figured and find out that PHOTOGRAPHY is his ESCAPISM to show his appreciation in ART. Now he became one of the SOLID MEDIAWORK photographers( all that, this guy need your support as a human being, enjoy his photo then, or should i said, his artwork.Or you can email or add him on YM :

Monday, October 26, 2009


Call from a friend…student from Uitm Shah Alam, need a photographer to record their last greatest moment as a student or better known as “graduation”…this is before the graduation day actually. Because it kind a busy to make a photo shoot on that event, so she decided to make it earlier…so here they are…enjoy :) . You can also click to this link for more pict of them : SOLID MEDIAWORK BLOG


convo3 copy

DSC_0134 copy

DSC_0131 copy DSC_0133 copy

DSC_0146 copy

DSC_0137 copy DSC_0147 copy

DSC_0160 copy

DSC_0165 copy

DSC_0234 copy

DSC_0156 copy

DSC_0253 copy

DSC_0258 copy

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hi there…i know that everybody prefer happiness instead of pain…but sometime we just can’t choose which is the way that suit us…but for me, there’s always happiness after a long great pain…just don’t worry, everything has been written and well prepared for us…insyaAllah…

and here are some picture that been edited by me, as usual, been edited when i was bored…hehe..enjoy : )

awang darah awanghujan


Owh what a day…sometimes it was raining through all the week, but some places are still hot for ever more…omg, what's wrong with me? my words are horrible, blame the weather tho..hehe…o.k cut the crap, last week me and kakak and my friends off for a fishing trip, at ULU TIRAM, JOHOR, to tell you the truth, I'm not used to this fishing thing, but the scenery is quite great, for my photo training i supposed… so here it is…a few shots from the trip…ULU TIRAM…enjoy :)

hdr copy DSC_0170 DSC_0189 copy DSC_0187 copy DSC_0122 copy

kakak di laut copy

DSC_0220 copyayin di laut copyDSC_0242 copy

DSC_0244 copyDSC_0246 copy

Friday, October 9, 2009


In this world people always wanted to believe in existence of things known as GHOST. For me there is no such thing as ghost. But i do believe SATAN, because i always believe in GOD (ALLAH to be precise). Why? because the KORAN (Al-Quran) as the prove!! HANTU is just a term for a thing that never exist in this world, but does exist in our typical mind that believe on it…for the picture that I've just upload down here, is not a ghost or Satan…just me and KAKAK…this pict just been edited by me when i was bored…hehehe..enjoy then…: )


Monday, October 5, 2009


My little grandchild? Ha Ha Ha, that what happened when you realize that you have so many relative around you…So this is a few shot that I've taken and did some editing on it…enjoy :)

shasha amran 4shasha amran 1

shasha amran 2shasha amran 3