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Sunday, July 3, 2011


At last I’m in Kedah. “Tanah leluhur guruku”. Lots of change since I came there on 2008 (if I’m not mistaken). Really hot at the moment, but then the rain come after a few hours when the photoshoot has started. The wedding were held in Jitra Kedah. Really great I must say. The Paddy fields. So green!. Love it. But never got a chance to snap it. pity me. Owh o.k. I got to go now. Just enjoy my new entry. Fahimi & Sheena.


_DSC0723 copy

_DSC0740 copy

_DSC0784 copy

_DSC0827 copy

_DSC0828 copy

_DSC0853 copy

_DSC0865 copy_DSC0873 copy

_DSC0871 copy

_DSC0884 copy

_DSC0947 copy

_DSC0948 copy

_DSC0994 copy_DSC1029 copy

_DSC0922 copy


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