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Thursday, January 7, 2010


Owh my god! i was so busy…doesn’t has much time to update this very blog…i’m so sorry o.k…thank god i’m still in a good shape to deal with all my job and manage to make it nice and smooth…and now i’m back!!! back with my new pict for this new entries…hurm…so this is a wedding, shot were taken in last two weeks in TELUK INTAN, PERAK…alright! got to go now…got job to do, editing and stuff…so here are the few shots from the wedding…FIZAM & SHIKIN…enjoy then..:)

DSC_0901 copy

DSC_0915 copy

DSC_0908 copy

DSC_0934 copy

DSC_0913 copy

DSC_0986 copy

DSC_0941 copy

DSC_0947 copy


DSC_1009 copy

DSC_1021 copy DSC_1025 copy

DSC_1022 copy DSC_1210 copy

DSC_1097 DSC_1225 DSC_1219 copy



DSC_1231 copy

DSC_1296 copy

DSC_1467 copy

DSC_1358 copy

DSC_1449 copy DSC_1453 copy

DSC_1472 copy

DSC_1496 copy

DSC_1715 copy DSC_1828 copy

DSC_1764 copy fizam & shikin2

fizam & shikin


  1. pergh.. terbaik laa.. ROL bro mmg xleh nk challenge ag.. huu

  2. wow...superb.
    mmg gler mgkuk ar mgedit..
    nape gmbo i de skeping je???
    xleh dpt soft copy ke??
    pict i je laa...
    snd by email
    klu bley ar..klu xleh kne lehkn gak..
    from: "akak" (pengapit pngantin)

  3. Peq Garage : ROL tu kantoi lagi la bro...insyaAllah aku akan perbaiki lagi nnt...tubggu o.k..:)

    Nileya : owh 'akak' pengantin...hehe..boleh tapi bukan sekarang o.k...nnt sy akan sent...:)

  4. 7.5 skala richter betulla... keep'in good work!