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The name is Syukht Mohidin a.k.a Syukht Cadillac. A graphic student and now end up as an unemployed kind of people but still charming for the new world that he have to overcome with.In love with art, but still have the lazy ass to deal with so he has figured and find out that PHOTOGRAPHY is his ESCAPISM to show his appreciation in ART. Now he became one of the SOLID MEDIAWORK photographers( all that, this guy need your support as a human being, enjoy his photo then, or should i said, his artwork.Or you can email or add him on YM :

Sunday, November 1, 2009


HA HA HA…not much to say about this new entries…but seem that i just found something, about people that always put their blame onto others for their own sins…they should be ashamed, try to think before doing something stupid or could embarrass yourself in the end…owh god! what am i doing? it already late…got to sleep…huhu..





  1. nice artwork bro..

    mmg dasyat utk wat effect camni..

  2. epul...epul..kesian ko...syuk..pas nih ajak aku skali ok..hahaha